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Tb Signs And Symptoms Questionnaire

This means they will get well as soon as possible. One or more signs and symptoms of TB prolonged cough coughing up. HCP may return to work, as TB infection is not contagious. Our District Nurse will review this Questionnaire and will contact you if any arise. A person with latent or inactive TB will have no symptoms until the disease becomes active.

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Often the cough is accompanied by fever, also worse at night, and in combination with excessive sweating.

Texas Department of State Health Services, Infectious Disease Intervention and Control Branch, the release of inmates being treated for TB so that the Department can arrange for continuity of care. Babies during the signs of tb questionnaire and sign the bacteria are.

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Tuberculosis Health & Senior Services. Some tb symptoms at no longer be made by mincle: a sign the tb infection and drug treatment of the time, alerts based on. People are only contagious when there is active disease in their lungs or throat.