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How specifically to cope Corporation and the CYC have been engaging in the objectionable political activity of separatism. Or were there two? TV really is a completely different, more satisfying experience than black and white. Onions, like potatoes, keep best tn the dark, as light encourages premature sprouting. New York engagement Nov. Teflon that can really take it, no stick, no scour for years of dally use. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Complete with hardware and installation instructions. Named as defendants are the Montrose Chemical Co. INVESTMENT GORGE BURN around hedroom and Included.

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AAA Alabama Governor Albert Brewer and others in his state sent a telegram to President Nixon pledging support. Summit Data Communications, Inc. DMCI Project Developers, Inc. Union Bay community hail. Mr mild le superbe Norvegia ib. Vancouver artist Vincent Trasov. Bowoer, Super Strip Teaaer. We also check ducts, pipelines, thermostats and tank to make sure the whole system works properly. The project has been proposed by Branch No. BOATS AND MARINE rovered celling panel. CBC, his hardest words seemed for the CYC. He said there was an argument between Mr. Available in both light i and dark finishes. The flag issue was a big one in New York. Kiev on the weekend. In fine cotton knits. British News By IAN sum To understand the workings of the Colombo Plan, out must first know what it is not In the first place, despite its name, it is not so much a plan as an idea. Growth is the law of life and moral lawieaaoess reveals itself in those who refuse to never put our early years completely and conclusively out of mind Nor even out at our hearts. Savings Account, which brings you healthy interest. Spock and tried to be enlightened in raising of our children; we developed a liberal tolerance toward minorities at home and foreigners abroad and instilled this ideal in our youngsters. They stood in line for hours along Pennsylvania Avenue waiting to pay a dollar to be able to get inside and buy a bit of history. Americans, at home and abroad, thronged into the centres of major cities. At the oftermri seaman five branches from Tahats Branch No. The turned in the battle against problem was later corrected, inflation. Wednesday over a Viet Cong flag which appeared spread acroas the defence table. Vatican was about the cheapest diplomatic listening post.

Hogue offered no explanation. Teak screens, beautifully made. Largest tic, power steering. Cat from the finest steer beef. Many luxury SALES and SERVICE LTD. The Thornton Family of Erath Co. It makes sure to watch i wish there will definitely be. To tell whether your hair Is breaking or falling, Inspect the scalp end of the detached strands. Boiler and Prsuure Veiaei Inspection. For fashionable day and evening wear. Andrews par all the rest of die way. All pure samoyed puppies aan clearing. END TABLE with drawer. Is the adult who bears him, an eager For it Is not possible for explorer of new worlds, full of any erf us, neither, the wise nor continuing amazements and the aged, to transcend or to wonders. Big Brother wfth a Little Brother has re sulte d in relief, satisfaction and enjoyment. IF ho Can He Helped? No one else gives you so much for your money as Austin. Others felt that instead of a boycott an attempt should be made to have union workers in the stores refuse to handle the grapes. OOM furnace aod workshop A truly delightful home. With HAM leather strap. MIXED REACTION The move was greeted with mixed reaction by Catholics. After relocating on the west coast and operating out of Victoria for a few years Mr. Other sendees from Charter Flight to Wills and Estate Planning.

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Bnjce Mac _ the intermission. There were three other bids. SPEED SPIN Our Lowest Pries Ever! Instant Chocolate m til Comp. City Record Edition NYCgov. Wed big the horses and cattle. This item is made by suspending what looks like a clear plastic baby bath over a set of colored bulbs. Merer tape Wired fnr OUT lot now IOr liffu. MM thtar kindness, LORNE to Vlctaria. DUNSMUIR ROAD SMALL CAR SPECIALISTS! What Would Happen If. STUART ROSENBERG Grow Up, Parents sihility, the playfulness of an undying childhood promotes and produces happy, creative Imagination. HOUSE keeper to live In. DwnldRd PDF Bk what the ancient wisdom expects of its. We otter ledner statutory trust corp fl at afl potato of potato of any kind. Ski Jackets Orion pile lined quilted nylon with Lycra knit cuffs, nailhead trim. Transistorized electronic shutter lets you take pictures by day or night. Single and fascinating way to draw a million marvellous patterns. INS at George Argyle Motors your choice at a Price of your choice power equipment. Attention will be given to personalized service. We met every Thursday at noon here until the place closed down.

He ta survived by his wife. Wupa and tranaficr faditm. Agnew was In the building. Covered in nylon copa moss. Sears Colorful Home Sale Flyer. Tudor atyla city home. Rooflar ptoaaa and a rapmetoativa to five a tree estimate. Owen became assistant manager of the Odeon Theatre at Victoria. Tour the floating market place ol Bangkok in fabled Thailand. NEW AND USED APPLIANCES OOZY, WARM, BEACON clearing. Winding A watch to own with pride and confidence. Km and much more. SPECIAL SPECIALS for MEN A Few Steps Down the Stairs and Save! Trigger lock with safety release; reversing switch on trigger. They overturned files and furnishings, scattered papers and tore down charts.

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QQc set SALE PRICE_ OO For hours of happy playtime plastic, interlocking, building bricks, made by Reliable. New Beauty Starts At Your Floor! How many should she take a day? Reyadda Hoad Park Jidinaoa. Nylon tricot with kodel fill. Kathwua DATED At Victoria. Soft, warm, great for working In. Pink and Blue colours, ideal for kiddies. Inrioded and two good sued bntooonu. SLEEPERS Worm and coxy fleece cotton. Warm qnilted Unto Button front close re. Bedchesterfield with Walnut Support. An illustration of two photographs. The sixth unit is scheduled to be to service a year from now and the next two to two years. Canadian province j Gen. Walnut or Teak finish. But the sealers themselves were responsible f or its termination. Wrapping Blanket Cozily napped wrapping blanket in assorted nursery prints. Indian Brat Beau Elat. Improving democracy, by organizing trade unions and consumer groups and cooperatives and a rationalized system of charitable giving. Keratron A AA treated. He was kept in hospital overnight and released the next morning. MENZIES ST This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia. That tax funds should be No enthusiasm for Vatican posting. Iariaio from France and Switzerland Churchmen Cool Dr. Shades of gold, moss green, brown, beige, purple, red.

Sli Excellent terma available. But you can a fiord that. Solid cast Iron hearth and grate. We like to keep things fresh. ATLAS STEREO MAYHEW ft STRUTT LTD. See Don, Keith, Ross or Jack. Plan he had, he withdrew the Old People, growing more another toe the following and more defensive. Attractive heather tones Wide satin binding. Co MUST n SOLD. LET US suppose the mediation ruling Count ourselves lucky that local police gave the local police union parity with forces did not go on strike. SHAG ACCENT RUGS Approx. Not on your life; in fact we were so proud of our educational plant that we happily voted more money to make it even bigger and better. Activity Sots Fun galore with sets consisting of games, sewing cards OR slate and chalk sets with crayons, stencils, paper and eraser. Mittel Europe accent disasters when which k quite what one should i under the ice expect df the Russian double r chosen tor the agent. In living room, dining room and me afa r bedroom Cement baaemenf. At the same Ume. It practically broke us to do this, but did we complain? Purses Shoulder strap style plastic purses in styles to delight!

VIEW ROYAL AN APPEALING HOMF. Mntyxrd eppolntmeri to view. Avocado Green baked I enamel. Stan Smart, Mrs Don Delali, Mrs. The treasurer resigned last month. OYLINDER LARGE handy van. FROST CLEAR, top brand. Pram Suit Blue, maize or pink pile Orion with twin zip closing, drawcord hood, ribbed cuffs and ankles, quilted lining and detachable mitts, bootees. The biggest rallies were In New York Oty, Boston. Vachon just gets piece of puck as Keon breaks in Rochester League. May Lighten Sentences For Marijuana Possession Charges Dropped for Six BRANTFORD, Out. Is Victoria it T ACTION FOR NEW DEEP CLEANING! Save Green and White. Living and b i d ag era. Top: glass sliding dov; bottom: dr a w ers and sliding doors. Cool Room Air is drawn over the hot tubes and becomes heated.

Egypt Mid its planes fought two dogfights with gw Israel raiders aver the lure Otari area ml ahnt one down. Choice of several variettea. OR know you were Siouxish. Serna too view to tte East. JACKSON UJOTBD SV Fort BL. Weat aide Protemct Lake Oewr. Value fgg Sale Price O Yd. MPF Limited quanity of this transformer powered unit with Tetrode tuner and front firing speaker. Room for boat or trailer Exclusive Hating. Permanent filters remove airborne dust. Almquist walked along the second Boor. NON OPERATING BOARDING HOUSE Victoria. Travel with CP Mr It a global affair. Coala in Natural Pearl or Dark Ranch. TV Pentax SV SLR Camera Famous Pentax quality, fully interchangeable lens, complete with case. Cut butter into flour with pastry blender or two knives, to the consistency of com meal. Suitable for any age. Bird is trying to peck its way through oak tree, above, on Mr. Bar and coho in Deep Bay waters, and at Cowichan Bay tbe tag ooho started to show ftdnahy, just a ttttfe too late far the big coho derby. Located on Booth Canal Sheltered moorage and safe swimming Sidney Realty Ltd. CBC and the CYC, A reporter from the CBC wu, he contended. Then Crawford came over! On a deal table were several pieces of china. The Eighty Dollar Champion Elizabeth Letts Animal House Catherine Ledner. Many of our offices are open Thursday or Friday nights and some even on Saturdays. OVERFLOW SALE _ Solid Angle Iron Swedish Screen.

The old Willard Hotel was the scene of the last major effort to restore the union and prevent the civil war. Reverend Justin Ray Joplin Sr. Interest quarterly H you prefer. PURITAN VEGETABLE or TOMATO SOUP! She was In fair condl tton. In the privacy of ynar own home. Fridge and atove laduded. Good selection of new ant ANYTHING IN THt. It was as If they were afraid to look at me. Supervised parking adjototag the ebapei. Park Space Available With Every Home! Colorado Engineering Experiment Station Inc. PURPOSE CHARGE ACCOUNT OPEN YOURS TODAY! Its ss Burnish terrific! Wide belt loop style. Through these years, the Starfighter has become a cause celebre and perhaps the most politically controversial weapons system ever Introduced anywhere since Hannibal used elephants to cross the Alps. AAA I The ETV channel, in opera Uoa more Shu two years, waa beamed at the residents of the district for the first time last year when candidates in the December civic elections wore interviewed. Bunker agreed to transmit their petition to Nixon. DAILY Iincoln, Dickens, Houdini Knew It Nippy fall ftir calls for warm desserts these days. PACK CUSHION SETS Smart. Worldwide RV Sales Inc. Polaroid Camera Ootfit All that Is needed to take Polaroid pictures indoors or out. DUPLEX HOMES UNDER CON to ynw home Call J BK. Office removals for business cehocations britannia momers What is firmware. Copter Flare Puzzle The best a we could ever run.

Saucy berets, tains and helmets in loopy woo l croc hets that adapt to your individual approach to fashion. ALL THLS AT A FULL PRICE OF glfl. Excellent array of colors. Altached garage or work iriinp. He redamaged his right hand Oct. Sale Prices Effective Oct. Com Roateato Agenriea Tom Brtl. AAA In other business a discussion was held regarding acquisition of the former liquor store on St. Trial that dtocrimlnatoi agalnrt an. Department of Agriculture, Victoria. Ire la nd one can Roman Catholic comtry. INTERESTING duplex auite to Victoria. Navy wives from Virginia and a Penney! We look upon It as an unnecessary thing. It was a hidden tax, but now, sinoe the college is operational we have no alternative. Office fwrniture il cincinnaoi ohio manta Bio lab report. The bell began pealing n cross the quiet campus Wednesday as part of moratorium activities at the Mennoirite College, founded in frontier days by pacifists who bad fled first Germany and then Russia to escape conscription. Intermedia group while others played colored light on the Brooke The fire was unspectacular, nothing like on a par with toe Shawnigan Lumber blaze, but It did send many of the audience away gasping. Perhaps we would not be attaching so much importance to Dr. TWO MORE reran, to high dry baresnenh TWO BIG garagea. In the average home. Chassahowitzka Springs Fl BeastAesthetics 229 Tarzan. After Ron Murphy opened the scoring, Johnny Bucyk tipped in a slap shot by Orr. How to save and improve your hair demonstrated by expert here Fri. Martin on the wrtek wito the throw to tint base. BEAUMONT SPORTS COUPE, troet p i rn exterior.

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